In the F&B industry, having an efficient Point of Sale system is essential for running a restaurant at full capacity. Burnt Ends, a renowned restaurant in the Singaporean food scene and voted #30 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants is a happy user of Lightspeed Resrautant POS. This iPad POS system has helped the restaurant maximize its efficiency in ordering, changing menus, as well as accounting for sales and customers. We went down for an exclusive interview with their head chef, David (Dave) Pynt to find out more.

Dave the Eccentric

One look at his cheeky smile and you can already tell that Dave is a chef with an eccentric personality. We asked him why he had such a fascination with fire (Burnt Ends being a barbeque restaurant); blunt and direct, he answered straight-on:

“Because it’s fun and interesting and adventurous.”

A very down-to-earth guy, Dave’s food philosophy is “simple and tasty”, and that is the experience he hopes patrons can take away from dining at his restaurant.

An Ever-Changing Menu

Apart from the few signature dishes that are always on the menu (like their famous quail eggs), Dave believes in changing the menu to his customers’ liking: including popular dishes, and removing less well-received ones.

In Dave’s own words: “If a dish doesn’t receive the same response as before, we get rid of it.”

With this particular feature at Burnt Ends comes the age-old problem of how to keep changing the menu. Lightspeed Restaurant POS helps to facilitate this process.

Dave: “Lightspeed Restaurant is a pretty easy system to use; we found that the display and interface are nice and quick… We can also access backhouse information really quickly.

“You can just go in there and change it, or get information.”

With the Lightspeed Restaurant POS system, Dave and his colleagues can quickly and efficiently manage the items on the day’s menu, without having to waste any precious time printing and reprinting menus for patrons.

What does Burnt Ends think about Launchstars?

Being a long-term client, Launchstars took the opportunity to get Dave’s frank opinion about us.

How is your experience working with Launchstars so far?

Dave: “One of the reasons why we chose Launchstars is because the service is really good, it’s quick, it’s responsive, they’re friendly, and they understand our needs.

“When we need something done, they get back to us straightaway, and when we need help they get back to us very quickly.

“And especially in Singapore, it’s not something you get very often – good customer service. Getting good customer service is so important especially with POS or any equipment you have, because when it breaks down you need help straightaway. Launchstars is there when we need it.”

Over-the-counter interactions with the chefs

Patrons have premium seats to watch Dave and his team of chefs prepare and cook dishes by the counter, as they enjoy their food. This is such a rarity considering most chefs in high-end restaurants work away from the customers.

Seeing how busy the chefs would be entertaining their customers, orders have to be taken with the utmost efficiency. With the use of iPads to access the Lightspeed Restaurant App, servers are no longer required to pen down customers’ orders. Instead, with just a few touches on the iPad, orders can be sent directly to the chefs.

Quoting Dave: “For this it’s just bang bang, flick flick, and done.”

Opportunities to offer feedback even while eating

Apart from watching the process of masterpieces in the making, customers can easily provide feedback about how they want their food to be done right away. They can also split the bill equally between friends, or even choose to pay just for their own dishes.

Such transactions are facilitated by Lightspeed Restaurant POS as well. With this flexible POS system, it becomes extremely easy to cater to the needs of the customers.

Dave, who had overseen the transition between the restaurant’s old POS system to Lightspeed Restaurant, frequently commented, “There’s a lot more dynamic [in Lightspeed Restaurant] compared to the old systems”.

To aspiring restaurateurs…

To conclude our interview, we asked Dave what he would like to say to aspiring restaurateurs looking to open new restaurants. This was his response:

“Don’t. Because if they were really passionate about food, then they wouldn’t even be asking this question.”

Thanks Dave for an insightful conversation, your fiery passion for food has ignited our hearts indeed!

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